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Bedroom Tax

AMRP properties aren't affected by the bedroom tax.

Our price structure


Full Management service:


  • A tenant finder fee to the value of £200 + VAT equal to £240 including VAT will be applied
  • Management commission equivalent to 12% + VAT equal to 14.4% including VAT of the rent collected
  • Where a service license is required, a one off fee of £200 + VAT equal to £240 including VAT will be applied for completion of the application process and for us to act as license holder
  • Sale of the property: in the event of the tenant or anyone introduced by the agent purchasing the property a fee to the value of 1% + VAT of the selling price will be payable by the owner
  • If the owner withdraws from our letting agreement and continues to let to a tenant introduced by us, 12% + VAT equal to 14.4% of the rent will be payable for a period of six months on termination to the agent
  • If the owner requests the tenancy be brought to an end due to no fault of the tenant, to persue a sale or simply to acquire vacant possession, 12% + VAT equal to 14.4% including VAT of the rent for six monthly will be payable on termination to the agent


  • Where a payment of rent has been outstanding for 14 days or more, interest may be charged at no more than an annual percentage rate of 3% above the Bank of England's base rate for each day that the payment is outstanding
  • Change of tenancy as requested by the tenant, may incur a reasonable admin fee up to £25 including VAT per change, examples of applicable changes are:
    - Pets to be kept in the property*
    - A change of sharer in a joint tenancy
    - Permission to sub let*
    - A business to be run from the property
    - Or any other amendment which alters the obligations of the agreement
  • A charge may be applied where a Tenant agrees to a contractor appointment and fails to allow access, the resulting fee will reflect the cost of time and travel lost as a result
  • Tenants may be offered the opportunity to replace a bond with a Bond Replacement Scheme, this would be paid to a Third Party Provider and would replace any bond requirement

Councils & Charity Partners


  • AMRP Relocations offers a tenancy sustainability pack; this offers the opportunity to acquire an enhanced support package to support the early stages of a tenancy to ensure the best chance of a sustainable tenancy.  The package includes:
    - Assistance with set up of utility accounts
    - Assistance with travel arrangements to and assistance/direction to settle in the North East of England
    - Assistance and guidance to establish benefit claims and secure payment of rent
    - Assistance to secure Doctors registration and school places
    - Signposting to affordable furniture schemes, local food banks, support services and social workers where needed

Our Tenancy Sustainability Package is available for a one off fee of up to £291.66 + VAT equal to £350 including VAT.



Property Redress Scheme

AMRP is a member of the Property Redress Scheme. View certificate.
AMRP is a member of clientmoneyprotect.co.uk, a Client Money Protection Scheme. View certificate.