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Retired single man & pet dog relocate to Co Durham after eviction for having a pet! | Print |  E-mail

In April 2014 via a London based charity, AMRP connected with a gentleman in his mid-sixties who had sustained a long-term tenancy in London.  Expecting to reside there for the foreseeable future, he found himself in a spiralling situation after being evicted due to his pet dog.


After eviction, the tenant was unable to secure an affordable tenancy and, unwilling to part with his pet, was left seeking temporary accommodation via various support agencies and when no such beds were available, resorting to sleeping on the street until a bed became available.


Now settled in Chilton, County Durham in a two bedroom terraced property at £75 per week, covered fully by his housing benefit entitlement, he says:

"They told me no dogs, nor would I let the dog go.  I took it for granted that I would be in my house forever, no problems."


When asked if he intends to remain in County Durham, he answers:

"Definitely, just to carry on as I am.  I have worked hard on my house to make it a home with help from the local furniture scheme (County Durham Furniture Help Scheme)."


Even joking about adjusting to the North East weather and having put on weight since arriving in the region!


AMRP are proud to have offered this and other tenants a new start in the North East; we'e pet friendly and all tenancies with no top up / bedroom tax to pay.  Tenants are required to be referenced by Durham County Council for homes in this area; the reference is completed free of charge. For any tenant accepted by Durham County Council through this referencing process, we guarantee to offer a home.

All homes carry an admin fee, payable by the tenant of £100 including VAT, payable on signing the tenancy and only if a tenancy is entered into.  We will ensure the tenancy is affordable by setting the rent at the same level of the claimants' LHA entitlement (minimum acceptable is the One Bed Rate of £75 per week).  In order to progress an application, in the first instance please request, complete and return a reference form.  If deemed agreeable by Durham County Council, we'll then arrange viewings of suitable accommodation.


For further details please contact Alicia Walton on 0191 640 4604 or email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



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