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Warren's Story - a new life with his dog

Life before relocating?

Originally from London but homes too expensive and could not find a pet friendly landlord. Ended up living in a homeless shelter; Crawley Open House having lived on my own since age 15. I was arrested for altercations and ended up with a short prison sentence, which made it more difficult to find work and pay for accommodation.


How did you find AMRP’s Relocation scheme?

Through Crawley Open House


How did you find the process?

Crawley Open House helped with the referral, so it was really easy.


How did you find the move and move in?

Travel wasn’t a problem to the property as I had help from family. It was a little bit daunting as it’s a complete change in area. People and life generally is very different compared to a city, it feels like the countryside and is very friendly.


What is life like now, what difference has having a tenancy with AMRP made to your life and what are your plans?

Still adjusting, managed to find work but now need surgery on my shoulder so can’t work at the moment. Without being able to work it’s harder to meet people to socialise with but I have a job waiting once I’ve recovered from my surgery which will make things easier and help me to move forward at the same time.


Having the security of a home’s given me a base, and it means I can keep my dog which is the biggest reason I moved. I’m really happy that I can keep Cain with me.


For more information about our Relocations scheme, email us here or call 0191 640 4604.



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